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September 03 2014


History of the Kraftmaid Outlet

Are you buying a new home or renovating your kitchen? If yes, we are inviting you to visit Kraftmaid outlet where the kitchen cabinetry suits your style and your budget.

Kraftmaid Outlet started out as a small shop selling discount cabinets about 40 years ago. Since then,Kraftmaid cabinet outlet has become one of the leading establishments in the field of home furniture. Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets and discount bathroom vanities have become one of the most recognized and well-loved brands of the company among others. Creating a kitchen worthy of a world-class chef or a homemaker has become a mantra and a purpose for the company. To achieve this purpose, Kraftmaid offers a wide array of decorative enhancements, finishes, styles and storage solutions to choose from. You can also elect to have a customized look for your furniture; all without the lengthy lead time and still with affordable prices.

More about Kraftmaids outlet

The company operates with a sense of responsibility and safety for its employees and customers. Kraftmaid lives by the motto “Manufacture beautiful products with great style and premium quality for all customers”.

Kraftmaid also believes that they can provide quality products to its consumers and still promote environmental safety. The company is also committed to support a clean and pure environment. They believe that not everything should be about profits. They want to create a wonderful future for their people and the entire planet.

Our Production Method

Our production process in Kraftmaid outlet focuses on the three R’s:

Reduce the volume of raw material required.

Reuse the material if possible

Recycle the recyclable by-products of production.

The company follows these guidelines from the sourcing of materials to the assembly of cabinets and finishing of the products up until the delivery of the kitchen cabinetry to your homes. Quality control procedures are in place throughout the production process to make sure that the products that reach your home are of the finest quality.

The company follows certain guidelines to ensure that the environment remains pure and unharmed.

The company follows ergonomics in acquiring the raw materials. We ensure that the wood purchased match the optimum dimension for wood cabinets and kitchen pantry. We also use energy efficient equipment to maximize the output from each piece of raw material.

 The company only uses an Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP) particle board. A portion of such consists of recycled materials.

The company leaves out the Volatile Organic Compounds from the finishing operations to reduce the level of the VOC’s released into the atmosphere.

The company makes sure that the impact to the environment is always considered whenever there is a new product proposal.

We can help you with your furniture needs and you can be sure that we are an environment-friendly family. From new kitchen, semi-custom cabinets to bathroom vanities, we’ll be glad to provide the furniture that will make your household living much more efficient and wonderful. Find out more about our styles, designs, and furniture by visiting Kraftmaid outlet Warren Ohio. 

June 02 2014

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Kitchen cabinets in Kraftmaid Outlet

Kitchen cabinets let you handle a respected nationwide supplier for the cupboard demands, offering you stock in addition to professional kinds in a price that is useful. There are actually some essential components to become conscious of should you intend on obtaining kitchen cabinets from Kraftmaid Outlet to ensure you get best appropriate product and the best offer. This write up will definitely define these factors for you personally.

It's usually currently resulting in possess a package before purchasing kitchen cabinets. Contemplate all of the goods you've, or need to have you inside your home supplying foods, resources, pans in addition to pans, and much storage space may be necessary to cope with them all. Various dimensions in addition to styles will definitely help these things in a method that is different, therefore be familiar with precisely what you've to possess. Consider items or every cooking products what may are actually optimum and that currently don't collaborate together with your present pot setup.

Types of cabinets in Kraftmaid Outlet

The type of the color structure in addition to timber you select is essential to element in just before purchasing cabinets. Occasionally paneling or a specific shade will appear truly fantastic when separated in the shop or on the webpage; however it will definitely not certainly complement the appearance of one's space. You can need to get pictures to greater view it in framework, or consult with an expert that has a great attention for design. Fortunately you are able to usually do that at, who'll be beyond very happy to help you if you should be thinking for the institution of them. Presently it's very important to be educated there are three varied types of kitchen cabinets, inventory, partial-custom in addition to custom. Therefore let's have a look in the varied aspects of each have their sturdiness’s and price selection.

Buying kitchen cabinets just as they're within the shop or on the site techniques you're purchasing the "inventory" option. They are viewed by you within the store, such as provide them home, in addition to the means they appear. To be able to guarantee that which you are experiencing will certainly match sufficiently, it's essential to have measurements from your own home. For this, it's better to consult with somebody.

Partial-custom cabinets permit you to choose the dimension, and need taking a look at the listing online or in the store and also the selection you prefer. This will are actually a pre-existing format or design, you are actually simply setting it up within the appropriate dimensions for the website. You'll absolutely must-buy the entire custom skilled work centered on your perspective in addition to Kitchen Cabinets if you want an all-out individualized. It's essential for reassurance, in addition to your own time, cash to become educated about cabinets you also where you can obtain the best offer and may get. To kraftmaid outlet, please go for much more information in addition to where you can obtain the best prices.
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